Project Manager - Orlando and Tampa, FL

Job Description

The Architectural Glass Services Project Manager will oversee the day-to-day project operations and activities of the projects assigned, including vendors, supplies, subcontractors, site staff; will serve as the main point of contact for clients, architects, engineers and consultants; will maintain and endeavor to improve as-sold project margins by a proactive and methodical operational approach. The Project Manager will execute contract scopes of work, while working closely with the Operations Manager to ensure projects are tracking within project budgets and project schedules and supporting the overall organization goals, values and mission.

Duties and Responsibilities
1. Post-Award
1.1. Attends post-bid internal turnover meeting with the precon/sales team.
1.2. Attends post-bid review meetings with the client.
1.3. Visits the site prior to startup to become familiar with the job site and production requirements.
1.4. Finalizes the project schedule and agrees same with the COO and the Superintendent.
1.5. Schedules and conducts the kickoff meeting with the client and establishes himself as the “point man” for the project.
1.6. Works to define field labor needs on assigned projects.
1.7. Works to complete the buy-out process and prepare purchase orders for all subcontractors and vendors to establish commitments for project costs.
1.8. Works closely with vendors to ensure that the lowest possible buy-out prices are achieved.
1.9. Accurately re-measure sold jobs assigned to you, optimize job methodology and establish an optimized value engineered budget which improves on the “sold” margin of the job.

2. Project Business Management
2.1. Attends job site start-ups and assists the Superintendent in the orientation of the crew.
2.2. Visits the job site as frequently as necessary to:

2.2.1. Ensure the satisfaction of the client
2.2.2. Attend key project review meetings on site
2.2.3. Resolve technical issues with the Superintendent and/or the crew.

2.3. Reviews all project field reporting promptly upon receipt; resolves any problems with inaccurate, late or absent reporting.
2.4. Monitors work performance regarding project specifications and scope of work, and works with the Superintendent to take action to resolve variances.
2.5. Monitors the progress of the project against the schedule and works with the Superintendent to take action to resolve project overruns.
2.6. Reviews the financial status of each project for which he / she has responsibility each week and presents action plans for meeting or exceeding the project profitability anticipated in the original bid.
2.7. Identify entitlements to change orders, comply with contractual notification requirements for change order requests. Submit change order requests within less than one week from becoming aware of the need for a change order. The Project Manager is responsible for protecting the Company’s interest in the change order process and maximizing the Company’s earnings in this process
2.8. Receives change order requests, calculates and submits change orders.
2.9. Ensures that change orders are submitted to and approved by the client prior to the commencement of work.
2.10. Ensures that change orders are properly entered into the project accounting system and tracked.
2.11. Approves vendor invoices and subcontractor requisitions and ensures that the costs are legitimate and charged to proper phases and cost categories.
2.12. Reviews all monthly and final invoices to ensure accuracy prior to presenting them to the client.
2.13. Presents all invoices at the earliest date under the contract to promote prompt payment by the client.
2.14. Reviews billings with clients prior to the payment due date to resolve any issues and remove any excuses for late payment.
2.15. Collects monthly and final invoices within the timeframes established by company policy and contract specifications.
2.16. Schedules, conducts and documents client and subcontractor meetings.
2.17. Ensures that punch list items and quality issues are addressed and managed promptly and effectively.
2.18. Ensures that the project is properly closed out, including return of materials and rental equipment.
2.19. Ensures that the project is administratively closed out, providing close-out documentation to the COO for final sign-off.
2.20. Ensures the proper administration and filing of project documentation, including the project contract, shop drawings, submittals, correspondence, specifications, purchase orders and other related project documentation.

3. General
3.1. Maintains a high level of expertise with the company’s project management system.
3.2. Performs all activities as specified on the Project Management Process Checklist for each project, including tasks in all 5 process flows: Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling, Closing and Maintaining.
3.3. Discusses all daily work issues with the Superintendent as they arise and elevates issues to the COO as necessary.
3.4. Maintains professional, cooperative relationships with subcontractors, engineers, architects and clients.
3.5. Complies with corporate policies and procedures.
3.6. Assists in developing and maintaining quality control and quality assurance programs for field and shop.
3.7. Assists in developing and maintaining project specific labor tracking.
3.8. Support and promote the company’s safety policy, commitments, and goals.
3.9. Promotes long term relationships with both existing and new accounts.
3.10. Timeliness and Accuracy in all aspects of work, and a commitment to always continue learning and growing.
3.11. Consistently: Work and Lead by Example.

Basis of Evaluation
1. Project Cost Performance
The gross profit generated by each of the Company’s projects is expected to be, at worst, equal to the gross profit anticipated in the Value Engineered budget, as adjusted for approved change orders.
2. Project Cost Reviews
The Company believes that a bi-weekly review of job costs, labor hours expended vs. budget and change order reviews, resulting in corrective action where necessary, contribute to maximizing gross profit margins. The Company expects Project Managers to review job cost, labor hours and change item reports weekly, discuss results with the responsible superintendents and institute corrective action to save on the project’s budgeted costs. The Company expects an accurate monthly detailed forecast of the cost to complete for each project under your control.
3. Change Orders
The company’s contracts generally require the company to notify our client of possible changes within 48 hours after becoming aware of the need for a change and to submit a corresponding change order request within less than one week. The Project Manager is responsible for protecting the company’s interest in the change order process and maximizing the Company’s earnings in this process.
4. Budgets
The Company believes that the margins in bid budgets can be improved through a pre-planning process in which jobs are re-measured as accurately as possible as soon as the job is awarded to the Company, the job methodology is optimized with the input of the responsible Superintendent, the actual materials required are bid competitively to the market and sourced from the cheapest supplier, labor is optimized with the input of the responsible Superintendent and an accurate budget is established for the project. The Project Manager is responsible to coordinate this pre-planning process prior to the job starting.

Preferred Education and Experience
1. BA/BS Construction Management or an appropriate technical discipline.
2. 5 years of construction project management experience.
3. 2 years of construction field supervision is desirable.
4. Computer skills, including at least MS Word, MS Excel, MS Outlook. A knowledge of the company’s software systems, currently Bluebeam, Sharepoint, Autodesk, MS Dynamics, which is on a level higher than the average user in the company and sufficiently proficient to discharge of this positions responsibilities in a diligent and expeditious manner.

Work Environment and Physical Requirements
This position will be primarily based in the Tampa/Orlando, FL office, with frequent visits to surrounding jobsites. This person will be provided with a company issued computer and cellphone.
The work environment includes; temperature, noise level, inside or outside, or other factors that will affect the person's working conditions while performing the job.
The physical demands of the job, including bending, sitting, lifting and driving.

Benefits Include:
• Competitive base salary
• Competitive benefits package
• PTO plan
• 401K Plan+ Matching
• Accelerated career growth in a dynamic environment.